From Melbourne with Love! 20 March 2020

As some of you know, coronavirus is hitting hard in Spain and especially in Madrid, so Spain is lockdown and we have to stay home for at least two weeks. While health and safety must come first, we'll do our best to keep label operations running as much as possible.

We announce Girlatones ‘Horn If You’re Honky’ LP and Go Get Mum ‘Ok Now What’ EP are officially out today! We expect the rest of the year's releases to be delayed until at least September. In the meantime, if you want to stream from your favorite platform or order some of our new releases or back catalog, we'd REALLY appreciate the support!

Girlatones 'Horn If You'Re Honky' (MER 019)

Following the unabashed garage pop of first album Fitting in Well (2017), Jesse Williams and crew have refined their DiY production chops and crafted an album that is rich in sonic layers and emotional depth, whilst remaining loose at the edges like all the best pop music.

Listen and/or grab your 12inch vinyl HERE!

Go Get Mum 'Ok Now What' (MER 020)

The new Go Get Mum EP hones in on the catchy jangle-rock of their debut EP Cripers! and extends it with the help of producer Anna Laverty who engineered, produced and mixed the six songs. It features Moving Day; an ode to the mixed emotions of moving, Freeman; a track that questions the need to live life to the max, and Adelaide which is about, well, the Australian city of Adelaide.

Listen and/or grab your 12inch vinyl HERE!

If you are ordering or had made an order in the last couple of weeks, we ask for your patience please, and they will be shipped out as soon as we are safely able to.

Thanks a lot for your support, stay safe and in good health for everyone.