Fort Not "The Club Is Open" is out today! 17 September 2020

Fort Not is a Gothenburg based band, emerged out of the fumes of gin and tonic during a west coast summer night. The band, consisting of two friends, Fredrik and Robert, is a musically odd couple that found common ground in catchy pop songs and their equal love for Pavement.

"Both me and Robert love pop-songs, which is about the only thing we have in common musical vice. I have a mix tape that Calvin Johnson (Beat happening) made called ”U.S. pop underground - whimpy/ power pop 1976-1980”. I played it one summer for Robert and he instantly loved it. We always seem to come back to it when we are recording in the studio. It’s such an inspiration for us. Maybe not so much for the sound as for the love of a catchy churus”

Taking inspiration from that very mix-tape and the indie-pop golden Era of the 80s and the 90s they recorded ”the club is open”. The album was recorded by Emanuel Hallongren in his studio in Gothenburg. He is a special member of Fort Not, making all those songs into what they are; distorted, breezy, emotive, heart melting and slowshaking songs with beautiful melodies.

Fredrik writes most of the songs on different keyboards that he’s got at home. In the studio those songs get new life from the hands of Fort not ”One of my favourite is a kids toy keyboard. I just love to see how my songs evolve to a new creature in the studio.”


The LP is available now limited to 150 x Black Vinyl and 100 x Piss Yellow Vinyl.