Capitol “Weathered/Piano Exit” 7″ single is out! 31 July 2020

Capitol, following on from his critically acclaimed 2019 debut album ‘Dream Noise’, return with their new 7″ single “Weathered / Piano Exit”.

“Weathered” is a song a song about loneliness and the desire for companionship, however fleeting.

“For my money “Weathered” is a thrilling evolution for Capitol and may be their best song yet. They’ve set themselves a high bar with Dream Noise last year, but always satisfying when bands exceed your expectations” >>> FADEAWAYRADIATEFADEAWAYRADIATE

“Piano Exit” is about leaning in to selfishness, and realizing when you’ve leaned in too far.

“Piano Exit is everything you could want from an indie standpoint. It’s thick, it’s victorious, it’s melancholic, and it’s most importantly, great. Capitol have found their niche, and it’s up them to exploit it for all its worth” >>> INDEPENDENT MUSIC NEWS


The 7″ is out now via Kingfisher Bluez (US & Canada) and Meritorio Records (EU & UK).

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