Stephen's Shore

Stephen’s Shore started out as a two man project by Viktor Sjödin and Erik J Undéhn in 2011. They had both been playing in other bands before but when they started to write songs as Stephen’s Shore they felt that their musical expressions was a perfect match.

When Jimmy Ottosson, P.A Blomqvist and Johan Dittmar joined the duo in 2014 Stephen’s Shore became a full band. What joins these five together musically is the love for jangly guitar, moody pop songs, skateboarding and if there was a musical anthem for California it would be a perfect description for the inspiration that drives Stephen’s Shore in their songwriting and musical atmosphere.

Stephen's Shore - Green
Meritorio Records
MER 034
Stephen's Shore - Brisbane Radio
Meritorio Records
MER 024
Stephen's Shore - September Love
Meritorio Records
MER 003