One Night Susan - A 20​-​Year Hangover

  • One Night Susan - A 20​-​Year Hangover

One Night Susan - A 20​-​Year Hangover

Vinyl released on Make Me Happy Records (Greece)

When speaking of Greek indie-pop, the mind goes directly to One Night Suzan, the first band that consciously played this type of music in Greece. Members of the band were Thomas Peppas (drums), Dimitris Konstantelos (bass), Giorgos Kyriazis (guitar / voice) and Zisimos Tryfidis (guitar / voice), who later formed The Crooner.

One Night Suzan’s distinctive features were explosive live playing, noisy guitars and a driving rhythm which nevertheless left room for an unexpected musicality, poetically expressing the angst and troubles of post-puberty. Gradually their sound was enriched with more pop elements, coming closer to the style of record companies such as Sarah and Creation.

Although they recorded more than 30 songs from 1990 to 1996, their only official release was the legendary 7-inch “Don’t Let Them Kill Our Taste,” which was released on This Happy Feeling in 1994. Today, though, this changes.

Make Me Happy, in cooperation with This Happy Feeling and the band members, managed to collect all those unreleased treasures, and together with songs that had been included in compilations (on CD or cassette tape) by labels such as Shelflife, Pop Art, Elefant, Noise Records and Firestation, is honored to announce the release of One Night Suzan’s first LP record.

The collection, titled “20-year Hangover: a retrospective collection,” will be a limited release of 300 copies on blue vinyl, with an insert containing the lyrics and photo material.

Released May 6, 2019

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